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As demand for faster speeds, improved efficiency, and decreased weight drives product innovation forward, we see design solutions advancing most rapidly in the power sector. The result of this constant innovation influences several industries – from automotive to industrial and even the Internet of Things. Check out the stories below to discover what products and solutions manufacturers are introducing to the power industry today.

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The Electronics Era has seen enormous increase in complexity of electronic systems while seeing sizeable decreases in size and power. Electronics are used in ways and locations that would have never seemed possible. This has necessitated greater attention being paid to Noise and Surge Suppression because systems today are more susceptible to both.


From basic Noise Suppression Capacitors to complex Filters and Hybrid Surge Suppression devices, Okaya has a wide range of products designed to protect your circuitry from Electrical Noise and Transient Electrical Surges.


Power: Your system needs it, and Maxim can help. Each of our standard power products was developed through a history of deep and thorough R&D, enhanced by the most up-to-date processes. So your system is assured of the highest efficiency, smallest size and coolest operation—whether you’re running a high-voltage isolated system, a single-cell battery or anything in between.

Smart Watch

The MAX17620 is the best choice for battery-powered wearables with high switching frequency, synchronous design with internal FET and PWM/skip mode.

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Maxim's Himalaya buck converters

Maxim’s Himalaya buck converters offer cooler in-circuit operation, via the latest in switching regulator technology.

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EE-Sim® DC-DC Converter tool

Create and simulate your power supplies using Maxim's EE-Sim® DC-DC Converter tool.

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Maxim mobile power always gives you more—so you can differentiate your products and your brand in a highly competitive market. Get more capabilities in a single package, like our 2-in-1 LED backlight/LCD bias driver. More performance, with proprietary technology that makes battery charging faster and fuel gauging more accurate. And more features, to make your products easier to sell. Choose from just some of the products that meet your challenges—you'll be glad you did.

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Mobile Power, Recharged | More Capabilities, More Features, More Performance, Power Up YOur Design | Maxim Integrated

More Capabilities

Multi-Function PMIC for Mobile Reduces Solution Size up to 20%

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More Features

Low-Noise Buck-Boost Regulator Delivers up to 97% Efficiency

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More Performance

High-Efficiency Battery Charger with Fuel Gauge Provides Fast Charging up to 3A

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Charge Status Made Simple—and Secure

Where system life is long but battery cycle life is limited, the fuel gauge often lives on the battery pack side. But pack-side gauges often need time-consuming custom characterization. Not the new ModelGauge™ m5. This standalone pack-side gauge is the Industry’s first with SHA-256 authentication, and you can just design it in and go.

The ModelGauge m5 is perfect for low-volume runs or small teams without on-board experts, as well as big teams that want a fast track to blockbuster shipments. Get your most creative ideas to market, quickly and easily. Choose from four versions: one or multiple series cells, and a 1-Wire® or I2C interface. One is right for you.

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Industry's First Stand-Alone ModelGauge™ Fuel Gauge with SHA-256 Authentication


Isolated power supplies are notoriously time-consuming to design and test, often requiring custom transformers. No one likes that. So we fixed it.

Simply select your ideal transformer vendor from around the world, and plug right into our pins. Proven layouts are included. You’ll quickly create tiny isolated power supplies that save not just space, but time.



Flyback topology with a 24V input and 5V output at 2W of power (0.4A). Includes a peak-current-mode converter at 500MHz.



Flyback topology with a 24V input and 12V output at 10W of power (0.8A). Includes a peak-current-mode converter with a flexible switching frequency.



Active clamp topology with a 24V input and 5V output at 20W of power (4A). Includes an active clamp, current-mode PWM controller optimized for industrial supplies.

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A New Cloud-Based Development Environment

If you’re looking for a simple, fast and easy introduction into the Microchip ecosystem; look no further than the MPLAB® Xpress cloud-based IDE. With MPLAB Xpress, you can easily edit, compile and program your favorite PIC® MCU from any web browser. There is absolutely nothing to download or install, and signing up is easy. This development environment offers the industry’s most comprehensive feature set; including MPLAB Code Configurator for peripheral setup and code generation, Microchip-validated code examples and 10 GB of secure online storage with any myMicrochip account. Plus, all MPLAB Xpress projects are fully compatible with the full-featured, downloadable MPLAB X IDE.

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MPLAB® Xpress IDE | mplabxpress.microchip.com | Microchip

The Power of Things

Technology is transforming the world around us at a rapid pace. While you are designing the products that will save lives and bring global communities together, we are developing the power systems to support your most demanding applications.
Our power expertise and collaborative approach are in place to support you while you shape the future of technology.

The power to ____________.
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The trusted source for your most critical applications.

  • Lithium Primary
  • Lithium Ion
  • Ni-Cd
  • Nickel Metal Hydride
  • Lithium Rechargeable
  • VRLA
  • Alkaline

Find out how Panasonic can assist with your battery power solution needs: Learn More

What's New @ Coilcraft:

High Frequency Power Magnetics

XEL40xx Series High Frequency Power Inductors

  • Low inductance values optimized for high frequency operation
  • Extremely low DC resistance and ultra-low AC losses for high switching frequencies (2 to 5+ MHz)
  • Current ratings up to 30 Amps with soft saturation characteristics
  • 4.0 X 4.0 mm footprint and low profile suitable for IoT/portable devices

SLR Family High Current Power Inductors

  • High current ratings – from 35 to 100 Amps
  • Inductance range from 85 to 370 nH for high frequency applications
  • Tight DCR tolerance (±5.4% to ±10%) for lossless
    inductor DCR-based current sensing

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Easy to Use Step-Down Power Modules

TI's latest step-down DC/DC power modules integrate inductors and other passives to simplify design, reduce external components, and save PCB area. The TPS82130 is a 17V input, 3A step-down MicroSiP power module optimized for small solution size and high efficiency, integrating a synchronous step-down converter and an inductor. The LMZ34202 is an easy-to-use 42V SIMPLE SWITCHER® power module that combines a 2A DC/DC converter with a shielded inductor and passives into a low profile, QFN package. This total power solution allows as few as three external components while maintaining an ability to adjust key parameters to meet specific design requirements. To view the entire portfolio of DC/DC power modules, click here.

Internet of Things

Superior Solutions
for Common-mode Interference

From low to high voltage common-mode chokes, current-compensated chokes and line filters, EPCOS has you covered! Download our Power Line brochures for details on our large selection of chokes with glueless design, high voltages (600-1000V), and UL class F (155°C). Closed core topology prevents common-mode interference. The brochure features a magnetic flux diagram, selection guide and technical details. Download now!

TDK common-mode chokes

Miniature, Hi Reliability DC-DC Converters

Pico Electronics, the leading manufacturer of Miniaturized Power Components, offers high reliability DC-DC converters for Industrial, COTS and Military applications. Available in Thru Hole and Surface Mount; some with terminal strip connections. Made in USA.

  • 2 - 10,000 VDC outputs available standard
  • Expanded operating temperature and Military Upgrades available for critical applications
  • Wide high input voltage ranges available
  • Units from 1 - 300 Watts
  • Over 2,500 standard units and custom designs available with short lead times
  • AC-DC modules also available, from 3 - 2,000 Watts, power factor corrected, single and three phase inputs
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