High-end craft-to-craft communication technology and development of autonomous behavior could allow multiple unmanned aerial vehicles to synchronously perform complex missions in denied or contested environments under the command of one operator. Discover how new cloud-based development board environments are paramount to developing the technology necessary to increase the mission capabilities of UAVs.

Fight Jet

A New Cloud-Based Development Environment

If you’re looking for a simple, fast and easy introduction into the Microchip ecosystem; look no further than the MPLAB® Xpress cloud-based IDE. With MPLAB Xpress, you can easily edit, compile and program your favorite PIC® MCU from any web browser. There is absolutely nothing to download or install, and signing up is easy. This development environment offers the industry’s most comprehensive feature set; including MPLAB Code Configurator for peripheral setup and code generation, Microchip-validated code examples and 10 GB of secure online storage with any myMicrochip account. Plus, all MPLAB Xpress projects are fully compatible with the full-featured, downloadable MPLAB X IDE.

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MPLAB® Xpress IDE | | Microchip

Mini Converters, Transformers, Inductors

Rely on the quality and dependability of DC-DC Converters, Transformers and Inductors from Pico Electronics, the leader in miniature power components for over 45 years. Units are available in Surface Mount and Thru Hole models. All made in the USA.

  • Proven Critical Component Integrity
  • 2V – 10,000VDC Outputs, 1-300W
  • High Input Models to 900VDC
  • MIL/COTS/Industrial Models
  • DSCC Approved Manufacturing
  • MIL-PRF 27/MIL-PRF 21308
  • In-stock & Custom | 800.431.1064

Ehang Ghost Aerial 1.0 Drone – World's Easiest Drone to Fly

As drone technology becomes more complex Ehang Inc. has redesigned the piloting experience, creating a user-friendly recreational drone β€”the Ehang Ghost Aerial 1.0. Equipped with GPS navigation, the drone is entirely controlled via smartphone app, making it ideal for novice and experienced flyers alike.

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Ehang Ghost Aerial 1.0 Drone

Electric Personal Jet Can Take Off From Your Backyard

Are we standing on the precipice of the next revolution in personal transportation? The private jet of the future is set to launch in 2018 with the Lilium, the first personal aircraft in the world able to take off and land vertically. Electric and silent, the eco-friendly jet has a top speed of 250 MPH and a range of 300 miles.

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Lilium personal aircraft
Lilium is the first personal aircraft to be able to take off and land vertically. Image source: ESA.